Email Marketing Drag & Drop Editor create unique templates for business mailing

Email marketing templates drag and drop editor feature

Emails are the silver bullet technique for the businesses. Email marketing considered as the best revolutionary tool for the business and also verified tool for generating the ROI. So, that’s apparent that you want to send the initial emails to your visitors to engage them together with your business and so you can get the best results.


For that purpose, you need the very best custom email template editor in your email marketing service package, to make the email templates unique and flexible.


While I was trying to make my unique email marketing templates for working multiple email promotions for my customers according to their interest, I pick the best email marketing tool drop and drag HTML email editor. And a masterpiece was made by me for my customers.


Let’s discuss first What is the drag & drop email editor?


Drag and drop editor enables you to drag in the template sections, for that purpose you don’t need to be expert in HTML, there are many options for predefined designs. You only have to drag from the list and drop it on your own desired location.


Email newsletter editor creates the original and beautiful template for your visitors. With this feature of drag and drop, you can modify your email templates just as much as you want.


Now the relevant question is How do you modify the templates regarding to your need?


A detail by detail guide will define the modification of email templates in a right way.


1. Select the template- First, choose your template which you wish to modify.

email newsletter editor

2. Place the elements- After selecting the email marketing template, modify the template from the predefined component sections. You just need to do, just drag the component from the one section of the screen to your template.

Email Marketing Tools features

3. Edit the elements- You can transform the look of your elements too. Edit the element’s field size, background colour, font size, text colour, font design and so on.

email marketing templates

4. Preview the Design- After the editing preview the look on your pc and mobile too, to see this is the style of your email marketing templates responsive or not really.


Set of Predefined elements-


The features of email marketing in affordable pricing gives the ROI which required.


  • Text- Select the text region in your template and modify this in your way. Transformation the font size, font design, font colour and so on, as you want in your email template.
  • Image- Select the image region and upload the required images which you desire to include in your campaign template.
  • Text/Image Combo- The text and picture combo, gives you the choice of both in a single element. Choose the desired place for the text and picture and make a combo of both which appears great.
  • Button- Insert the action control keys in your mail to impact the customers to take activities or even to make a purchase from your website. So place the key element, in a approved place where you imagine your customer will probably click for sure.
  • Social Plugins- Social plugin insertion in the email messages benefits the trust of the customers on your brand. And interpersonal sites also implies that your business’s good image. So make sure you are employing this predefined component in your emails.
  • Divider- Divider allows you to different the portions of the template, which enhances the visibility of the template. Use the dividers for the predefined components list and make your template unique. 


Here the facts of the drag and drop email editor, which provides the flexibility in templates. This feature of the advanced web-based email marketing software will improve your ROI and the unique email designs also assist you to gain good market value.